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What To Expect

When We Begin Our Therapeutic Partnership 

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Welcome aboard!

As your guide in this health journey, here's what you can expect when working together 

A clear, evidence-based process that prioritises your unique needs towards improved health and vitality.

The first step

This involves a comprehensive assessment

We delve deep into your medical history, lifestyle habits, and current health concerns, forming a holistic picture of your well-being.

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Next step

We conduct a thorough dietary assessment

We identify food and lifestyle 'culprits' that might be impacting your health. We look not only at what you eat but also at when, how, and why.

Individualised approach

Identifying what your body needs

The focus is on understanding what your body needs to eliminate and what it needs to replenish for healing to occur. This insight is crucial in creating a roadmap to better health.

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Testing when necessary.png

Test, don't guess!

Sometimes, we might need to go a step further with biomarker testing.

By examining specific hormone levels or other indicators, we can gain additional insights into your health.

*Note that the cost for any type of standard or functional test is not included in the Nutritional Therapy fees.

Personalised Plan

Armed with this information, I then provide personalised recommendations.

These are tailored to your unique needs and designed to reduce or eliminate your symptoms.

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Ongoing Support.png


Rest assured, our partnership doesn't end here.

I offer ongoing support and follow-up to assess, recommend, and track your progress. We'll adjust our approach as needed, ensuring it stays aligned with your evolving needs.


Our goal is to bridge the gap between your current situation and your desired health outcomes.

With the help of therapeutic coaching, we'll navigate this journey together, combining empathy, leadership, intuition, knowledge, and mastery.

Bridging the Gap.png

Into the future

Ultimately, my goal is help you feel empowered with the new tips, tricks and tools that you need, to take control of your health.

By developing a deeper understanding of your body and its needs, you'll gain confidence in making informed choices about your well-being. Welcome to the path of health autonomy.

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