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There is no ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach to nutrition

How often have we been told about an amazing new ‘fad’ diet that is guaranteed to solve all our problems?

No carbs, nothing but carbs, juicing, no fat, lots of fat … the list goes on and on. Even though some of them may seem the complete opposite to each other, they’ve all got something in common — they fail to take into account the fact that we are all different.

There is no ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach when it comes to nutritional therapy. In fact, the food we eat is just one element. To put it simply, our well-being, our lifestyle and our diet are intrinsically linked, and it is vital to approach nutrition with this message in mind.

Nourishing the human body is a complex endeavour. Nourishment comes not only in the form of food, water and oxygen, but also from a myriad of other inputs.

These include:

- nutritious movement in daily activities and exercise

- nourishing thought patterns and information processing

- nourishing relationships and connections with those around us

- nutritious sunlight, sleep and recovery

Also, how an individual processes each of these inputs is uniquely determined by epigenetic factors. Epigenetics impact the expression of the signs, symptoms or diagnoses of every person who visits our clinic.

Sleep patterns, stress levels and food intolerances are just a few more examples of factors that can influence not only our food choices but also how we process what we eat and drink. The cumulative effects of genetics, lifestyle choices and experiences — adverse or otherwise — have created the unique biological mosaic that is each of us; our mind, body and overall well-being.

When unravelling a person’s ‘health story,’ we explore the context in which their individual symptoms arose. What lifestyle factors were evident at the point from which they have ‘never been well since’? This takes time to tease out. When clients make their own ‘connections’ through this type of self-reflective process, they are more likely to deepen their resolve in making behaviour changes.

The understanding of bio-individuality is simply crucial for enabling us to enact long-lasting change in our lives.

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