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Eileen Burke

Dip NT, mNTOI, mIFM, Director NTOI

Functional Nutritional Therapist


Eileen Burke is a functional nutritional and lifestyle therapist who empowers and enables clients to reach their health potential.


With over a decade’s experience, Eileen’s unique approach blends diet, lifestyle, epigenetics and more to build a holistic personalised gameplan to help you thrive.


As a registered functional nutritional therapist, member and Director of the Nutritional Therapists of Ireland (mNTOI) professional body, Eileen understands the intrinsic relationship between diet and behaviour.


Eileen’s fascination with how food impacts body and mind function stems from her time working as an Incredible Years Programme Practitioner. The programme worked with children and their parents to promote positive behaviour change and emotional wellness. By embarking on this journey of discovery, Eileen’s mind was opened to how she could help the general public.


Eileen is also a member of The Institute for Functional Medicine (mIFM), certified in the application of the IFM Functional Medicine Model and uses a ‘root cause(s)’ approach to chronic conditions and health resolution. 


Functional nutritional therapists can work in partnership with GPs and other healthcare professionals to achieve hugely positive outcomes.

“I have been fascinated to learn how all the systems within the human body can work in either pure harmony or utter chaos, manifesting in behavioural disorders, inflammation-driven chronic disease and infertility to name just a few issues. Knowledge and sustainable lifestyle changes are key to restoring your vitality.”

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